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February 2019

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Saturday 2nd February 201919:00Scouts Quiz Night
Wednesday 6th February 201919:45Ladies Group
Sunday 10th February 201909:30Worship
Worship led by Val Carter
11:30Messy Church
Monday 11th February 201919:30Church Council Meeting
Church Council representatives.
Wednesday 13th February 201919:45Ladies Group
Thursday 14th February 201912:00 - 13:15Hunger Lunch
In the Link supporting Christian Aid
14:00Women's Fellowship
Sunday 17th February 201909:30Worship
Led by Val Carter
15:00Holy Communion
Led by Tony Shrimpton
Sunday 24th February 201909:30Worship
Led by Rev Mike Lewis
11:00Church AGM
This will follow our morning service. All welcome.
Wednesday 27th February 201919:45Ladies Group
Thursday 28th February 201914:00Women's Fellowship
Armchair relaxation with Doreen Holliday
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