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Sunday 5th August 201809:00Holy Communion
Worship Led by Revd Mike Lewis
Worship led by Mr Andrew Mussell
Sunday 12th August 201810:30Worship
Led by Mr Jeff Hoskin
Wednesday 15th August 201814:30Ladies Group
Get-together at Jean’s garden
Thursday 16th August 201812:00 - 13:15Hunger Lunch
In the Link, supporting Christian Aid
Sunday 19th August 201810:30Worship
Led by Revd Tony Shrimpton
Monday 20th August 201812:30STOW MARIES AERODROME
Sunday 26th August 201810:30Worship
Led by Mr Jim Lowe
Thursday 30th August 201819:30Welcome Service
Welcome service for Deacon Ramona Samuel led by Revd
David Chapman
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