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Rev'd Mark Pengelly, Superintendent Minister
To proclaim the love of God in Jesus to all people.
We do this by: 
Being a place of welcome, worship & nurture. 
Belonging, learning & growing together. 
Serving the community in whatever way we can.

One World


This project has been running at Trinity for around forty years. 

We take our inspiration from the tale of the man found throwing starfish back into the sea, on a beach on which huge numbers of them had been stranded by the outgoing tide.  When told he could not possibly make any difference, the problem being so vast, he replied, as he threw another one back, It made a difference to that one!


Let Their be Light - Kenya - September 2023

Working together with Kenya Thriving organisation we intend to install solar power to provide electricity to five children’s houses that make up an orphanage in Kenya.


To give some background to this initiative Kenya Thriving led by Coral and Ken Hart have their vision to provide holistic care for 52 orphan children who live in 5 houses. The mothers who care for these children work together to cook for all the children on a stove that is fuelled only by firewood.

 Until a few weeks ago they fetched water from the river and never had electricity. They now have a well.

The benefit of installing Solar power to generate electricity will mean they can read and do homework in the evenings without straining their eyes. They will no longer be sitting in darkness from 7 pm each evening.

The ladies who work in the kitchen to make food for the children will have light to see better as food is prepared. In addition, a solar powered fridge and freezer will drastically revolutionise the way they plan meals.

Our contributions will make a vast difference to these children!!!!

Seeds of Grace in Zimbabwe - December 2021 to September 2023

This project was to finance, over two years or so, at a cost of around £4000, the acquisition of twenty cycles for Methodist ministers to use in Zimbabwe, a country in which many of the ministers live in often severe poverty and in which they, nevertheless, have to travels large distances to minister to their people. We have been prompted in this by one of our own members, who is working already to alleviate such difficulty. Supporters make regular, or on- off, donations (often Gift Aided, which helps to build up the total raised).

Motorbikes for leprosy workers to use in Nigeria

So, we become aware of a situation, anywhere in the world, where we can commit to make a difference in a small way, in a situation which may be overwhelming when viewed overall. Examples of this, in past years, have been to finance the purchase of motorbikes for leprosy workers to use in Nigeria, to finance building the base for a new community building in South Africa and to pay for the development of land usage skills in an impoverished area in Ethiopia.

Donations are Welcome. Please send cheques to: (please write one world on the back of your cheque)

Nigel Murrell, Trinity Treasurer

Trinity Methodist Church, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 2XB

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